Executive recruitment, London UK

UK Branded Food manufacturer

The Procurement Director was looking for a recruitment partner to work with on a long term basis to deliver his vision. New into the role, the procurement director’s strategy was to transform the procurement team from an operational, reactive function to one that was fully aligned with stakeholders and embedded in the business. The procurement function was tiny and there was a requirement to bring in several strategic sourcing professionals to elevate capability.
After engaging with Bennell Associates, the client shared the detail of the plan and Lucy Bennell met with the entire incumbent team to gain an in-depth understanding of the current landscape and culture.

The initial focus was on ingredients sourcing – business critical categories that are impacted by market forces. The client required superior capability and leadership and the candidates needed to “have faith” that the vision could be delivered. A thorough search resulted in three candidates coming to assessment, two of whom were hired. Both candidates have performed in the role and were promoted within two years; with Bennell Associates finding their back-fills to continue the journey.
Second area of focus was on external manufacturing. The company had a strategic priority to launch totally new products manufactured by 3rd party suppliers. A completely new team was recruited, and processes around engagement and management of third party manufacturers have been embedded to such an extent that the manager has now been given cart blanche to transform NPD project management processes across the business.

Third area of focus has been on indirects; establishing a small team that is driving a business partnering approach focused on value as opposed to cost across all areas of indirect spend. The challenges have been to find procurement professionals who can appreciate the bigger picture, not focused on size of spend or renewal of contracts, but individuals who can co-habit credibly with their stakeholders and understand their business priorities.

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