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LUCY BENNELL appointed NED at VireUp

Lucy Bennell has teamed with VireUp – a ground breaking AI powered interview platform. The company, founded by Harvard MBA, Efe Pazarceviren and AI PhD, Arda Celebi, will drive a step-change in large-scale recruitment. The VireUp solution removes bias, drives stanardisation and dramatically reduces time to select/hire. The technology has the power to analyse the results of hundreds of recorded video interviews and objectively rank candidate performance.

Lucy commented: “I am thrilled to have joined VireUp as a non-executive director. Over the years I have watched new technology come on to the recruitment market, but have never been as excited as I am by the potential of this tool. With VireUp, the AI assesses responses against defined criteria – it can’t see the candidate, or hear the candidate or make a judgement on the candidate name – so it is truly non-biased. The client receives a wealth of standardised data and the capability to rank candidates along multiple variables. Having completed a trial interview myself, I can say that the tool that Efe and Arda have created is mind-blowing – it even spotted when I was being a little bit cocky!!”

The VireUp technology has been tested across numerous candidate populations. The first client (a large European retailler) engaged with VireUp to screen over 500 candidates who were applying for roles as interns. The client team was so impressed with the results they have expanded the use of the tool into other functions across the business. Candidate feedback is also very encouraging with VireUp scoring an average 4.6 stars out of 5 in post-interview surveys.

For more information visit: www.vireup.com

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